How can I learn more about resources or about a specific campus?

Look up individual college campus policies throughout North Carolina. You will find UNC system, private colleges, and community college policies.

Browse our resources and find numerous fact sheets on tobacco use, policy examples, and how-to documents.

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What is the North Carolina Tobacco-Free Colleges Movement?

Since 2006 the NC Tobacco-Free Colleges movement has worked to empower college campuses to protect students, employees, and visitors from the harms of secondhand smoke. The focus is to work collaboratively with campuses to promote policy adoption, reduce tobacco-related health disparities, and promote access to tobacco cessation services among college students.

Does North Carolina law allow colleges, universities and community colleges to make comprehensive tobacco policies?

North Carolina law allows both private colleges and community colleges to prohibit all tobacco use on campus (G.S. 143-599) and become 100% tobacco-free.

  • The law also prohibits smoking in UNC system dormitories beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year.
  • G.S. 143-596 allows UNC system schools to prohibit smoking within 100 linear feet of a campus building.
NCDHHS, Division of Public Health
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