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Elements of a 100% Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

A comprehensive 100% Tobacco-Free Campus policy should contain each of the following components*: 

• Prohibits all forms of tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, bidis, 
smokeless/spit tobacco, hookahs, blunts, pipes, e-cigarettes and snuff;

• Applies to all campus grounds (including parking lots, athletic facilities, 
residence halls) and at university-sponsored events;

• Applies to buildings owned by the university;

• Applies to all campus property, such as campus-owned vehicles; 

• Applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 

• Applies to students, faculty, staff and visitors; 

• Prohibits the sale of tobacco products on campus; 

• Prohibits the free distribution of tobacco products on campus; and

• Prohibits student organizations, including campus publications, from 
accepting money, advertising and/or gifts from tobacco companies.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, it is recommended that comprehensive policy have language:

• Cites state law as legal justification for the policy;

• Outlines compliance/implementation measures; and

• Outlines measures to provide information about cessation resources.

*For UNC System campus property, the state law only allows the universities to prohibit smoking/tobacco use within a 100 linear foot perimeter of university buildings.

NCDHHS, Division of Public Health
North Carolina Public Health